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Faryl is an author of horror, fantasy, and science fiction, not necessarily in that order. Originally from East Canton, Ohio, he now lives in Wonder Valley, California with what can only be described as a miniature zoo. When not writing, Faryl works as a SQL Server consultant, and he is also the co-owner and lead editor of Project 89 Media. His two books, questionMark and Mothmaw, as well as Swim, coauthored with S.T. Hoover, can be found on Amazon.


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you have multiple pronouns on your author bios. which ones are you using?

I use any pronouns, although they/them and he/him are preferred. you may also waive pronouns altogether and use faryl/faryl's.

why is your release schedule so slow?

on top of writing, I do a lot of behind-the-scenes work for p89, as well as the occasional freelance project. I also have a full-time job, which takes up most of my time during the day. Needless to say, my schedule is usually packed, so my "production" rate is extremely slow compared to someone like S.T. Hoover (whose insanely fast production rate I help maintain, mind you).

can you edit my...?

unfortunately, my schedule is extremely packed right now, so I cannot accept new editing projects at this time. I apologize for any inconvenience.

i really enjoy your work. how can i support you?

first of all, thank you!

second of all, it's easier than you think.

obviously, you can grab any of my books on Amazon. that's the most straightforward way, since you get a book and I get a boost in sales and self-confidence. if you already have my books, buy some more and give them to a friend or donate them to your local library or something. that would be awesome, really.

you can also browse through p89's online catalog and support any one of our other authors, including s.t. hoover and don ake, because more likely than not, I spent hours helping put those books together, so if you show them support, you show me support as well.

We have a podcast called "publisher's cluttered house" where we talk about things that may or may not relate to writing and publishing (mainly just me and s.t. hoover goofing off and being idiots), so feel free to give that a listen as well, since there's a new episode (almost) every week.

Finally, if for whatever reason, you just feel like giving me money, you can check out my buymeacoffee here. it's a little stale for content right now, so I can't promise anything super cool if you do the membership option, but it's still active regardless.

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"contemporary horror western"
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